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Natural medication has actually had a terrific impact for many years in society, but nowadays it has far more prominence than previously, and more so when it pertains to recipes for burning fat, because there are natural components that allow actors to do that. weight in a brief time and keep us entirely healthy.

Today we will speak about an excellent treatment based on chia and lemon, which helps us drop weight quickly and supplies nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the body requires to stay active and avoid struggling with different illness.

This recipe is really simple, however to be reliable, all the actions to the letter and the previous term, as well as its ideal weight, prevent diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular issues, infections and infections both in the present and in the future. It will keep you totally healthy. Next, we explain the best ways to prepare it and exactly what you have to prepare the most reliable liquid in naturopathic medicine.


– Lemon juice
– One tablespoon of chia seeds
– One spoonful of pure honey
– A glass and a half of water

Preparation and use:
  • Chia seeds must be soaked for at least one hour, during which time they will be inflated and they will look like pellets, this is completely normal due to the fiber they have.
  • Now, when the time showed above has actually passed, all the ingredients will be blended in the blender and a beating will be performed till a relatively consistent substance is gotten, without lumps and something thick.
  • Then we will pour the contents of the blender into a glass or plastic cup and we will have the list to drop weight.
  • It is needed to consume a glass of this beverage at least 3 times a week for 2 months, you need to always take in fasting.
  • If you desire, you can consume it every day, so its effects will be a lot more exceptional.
  • If you want to ingest it for longer, there is no problem, in the exact same way, if you desire, you can consume it and drink it before doing so, so you can metabolize it and gain weight much quicker.

It is also suggested to accompany the usage of the solution with a great exercise routine and a healthy diet plan, so that the impacts of this beverage are better.

Characteristic of each ingredient

– Chia: this seed includes fiber and anti-oxidants, and likewise speeds up metabolic process.
– Lemon: includes vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, fluorine, phosphorus and potassium.
– Both components have the ability to prevent and eradicate high levels of blood sugar, such as cholesterol and triglycerides. As an outcome, they prevent arterial blockages, burn numerous fats and clean the whole stomach, intestinal tract and breathing system, avoiding possible colds and intestinal infections.

On the other hand, all the components act in the body in a positive way to burn the fats thanks to that they provide energy, which motivates the execution of workout routines, in addition, they leave a satiating result, so they diminish a little the cravings, the routine usage of food and metabolic process. They are likewise ideal for getting rid of flaws on the skin and face, makings them a wonderful mix.

So do not wait any longer and begin consuming chia with lemon to slim down quickly and without spending a lot of money.

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