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7 signs that your kidneys are unhealthy

Our kidneys are among the most important organs in our body because they filter our blood and help our body remove any toxins. Their shape resembles beans. They also help us maintain our blood pressure normal as well as our mineral balance proper. Our kidneys generate a chemical which is called erythropoietin and in this way, they support the creation of the red blood cells.

The tissue of our kidneys is full of nephrons. These are filtering systems that are consisted of tubules and glomerulus. Every day, about 200 liters of blood are being filtered through our kidneys, in that way creating almost 2 liters of urine. Our kidneys are connected to our bladder by special tubes called ureters. It stores the urine and later removes it from our body through the urethra.

In case our kidneys somehow become damaged, their ability to remove any waste or water from our body becomes lost. Numerous reasons can impair their function or injure their tissue. Some of the most common are: unmanaged high blood pressure, diabetes, reduced blood supply to the kidneys, overdose of certain medications (ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen) or autoimmune diseases.

When a dysfunction appears, it usually develops over a longer period of time, but there are also some cases where it had appeared suddenly.

There are many people who didn’t even recognized that they had chronic renal disease. It’s because the disease doesn’t cause any symptoms because most of the kidney cells have been destroyed.

According to specialists, you need to examine your kidneys often and make sure you pay attention to these signs:

#1. Need to urinate more frequently – if you have a frequent urge to urinate, especially at night, it might be a sign for unhealthy kidneys.

#2. Extreme tiredness – after a very busy day or a vigorous workout, it’s normal to feel exhausted. But, if you feel like your fatigue just doesn’t go away, it might be a sign of kidney dysfunction. It can be connected to buildup of toxins in the blood as well as lack of energy and you feel it even if you rest.

Kidney disease can also decrease the formation of the red blood cells and that in turn causes anemia. If you can’t explain the fatigue you’re feeling recently, it’s the most common symptom of this disorder.

#3. Blood in the urine – kidneys normally filter blood and eliminate waste. If they don’t work properly, red blood cells tend to leak through the urine.

#4. Peripheral edema – fluid retention is also caused by renal failure. In the mornings, you might notice swollen legs as well as puffiness around your eyes. Both of these signs are connected to unhealthy kidneys.

#5. Bubbles in the urine – proteins can’t be kept inside the body in case the kidneys are damaged. They start to flow out through our urine and make it foamy.

#6. Hypertension – when it comes to the regulation of our blood pressure, kidneys are very important. They synthesize a hormone called renin. If there is a kidney disease, this chemical will have a disturbed production and that will increase the blood pressure.

#7. Sleep problems – if harmful substances, waste as well as toxins become accumulated into our bloodstream, it will disturb our sleep and increase the risk of sleep apnea.

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